1600-Series Chassis' for Bell 202, 201 and 208 MODEMS

    • 1681C—16 slots for modems, dialers and accessory products
    • 1680—16 slots for modems, redundant power supplies, dialers and accessory products
    • 1604—desktop unit 4 slots for modems, dialers and accessory products
    • Intermix modems and accessories in one chassis
    • Accepts Bell 202, 201 and 208 modems
    • Front panel status and diagnostic indicators for each channel
    • Eight LEDs display status of RS-232-D and RS-366 interface signals
    • Remove and replace cards without interrupting service to other channels
    • Power supply alarm

    Broad Line of Communications Products

    The 1681C, 1680 and 1604 chassis handle a wide variety of dial-up network applications. The chassis accommodate Bell 202, 201 and 208 modems, full and half duplex, asynchronous and synchronous, dial-up and leased line. The chassis also accommodate the following accessory cards: the 811 single and multiline Bell 801 dialer and the 831 RS-232-D to RS-366 adapter.

    Displays Simplify Installation and Troubleshooting

    The 1681C, 1680 and 1604 offers front panel control of all equipment in the chassis. You can monitor channel traffic with status LEDs that warn you of malfunctions. EIA signals can be displayed for each modem. Front panel switches activate the modem's built-in diagnostics, allowing you to isolate and test local and remote modems, telephone lines, terminals and computer interfaces. Individual busyout and analog loopback switches enable you to take modems out of service for testing.
    The 1681C occupies 10.5 inches of rack height. The 1681C is also self-cooling, so you can stack up to seven chassis in a standard 7-foot high cabinet. The 1680 occupies 7.0 inches of rack height and will stack up to ten chassis in a standard 7-foot high cabinet.

    1604 Desktop Chassis

    The 1604 is a 4 slot, self contained, standalone desktop unit for remote site applications. This chassis is ideal for organizations whose call traffic doesn't require a full complement of 16 modems, and is more efficient from a cost and operations standpoint than a configuration using multiple external modems.

    Wide range of Modems and Accessories

    The 1604 houses four single-slot modems, or two dual-slot modems, such as the 4840-PX or any combination of modems and accessory cards. All modems, auto-dialers and accessories that mount in the 1681C are also compatible with the 1604.

    Front Panel Diagnostics

    The user-friendly front panel has LEDs that display line, power, EIA interface and test status. Switches allow you to control channel select, test pattern generation and remote and local loopbacks. The 1604 also has a built-in power supply with a switch to select either 115 or 230 volt AC operation.


    1681C, 1680 and 1604 Chassis

    Configuration 1681C: 16 slots for modems and accessory cards

    1680: 16 slots for modems and accessory cards

    1604: 4 slots for modems and accessory cards

    Front Panel 16 channel status indicators (4 indicators for 1604)

    8 EIA status indicators

    Power supply status indicator

    Power alarm indicator

    16 busyout switches (1681C and 1680 only)

    Analog loopback switches

    Digital loopback switches

    Transmit reversal switches

    Channel select thumbwheel switch

    Modems 4840-PX, 2440-PX and 1244-PX

    Accessory Cards 811 —801 compatible, RS-366 automatic calling unit, 831—RS-366 to RS-232-D adapter for 811

    Dimensions 1681C: Height: 10.5"; width: 19.0"; length: 15.0"; weight: 30 lbs.

    1680: Height: 10.5"; width: 19.0"; length: 15.0"; weight: 19.25 lbs.

    1604: Height: 4.81"; width: 9.0"; length: 15.0"; weight: 10.5 lbs.

    Power Requirements 1681C: 110VAC—95 to 127VAC, 60Hz, 1.8 amps fully loaded

    1680: 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.5 amps (fully loaded at 115VAC)

    1604: 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5 amps (fully loaded at 115VAC)

    Power Dissipation 1681C: Forced air fan cooling

    1680: Vertical convection cooling

    1604: Forced air fan cooling

    Temperature Operating: 32°-122° F ambient; Store:-4°-158°F; Humidity:5-95%NC

    Compliance FCC Part 68, Part 15_Class A, UL listed

    Ordering Information

    The 1681C chassis includes a removable 110VAC power supply P/N 94200-055. The 1680 chassis includes two removable 115/230VAC power supply P/N 94200-026. The 1604 chassis includes an integral 115/230VAC power supply.

    Models Description

    1681C 16 slot chassis

    1680-AM2 16 slot chassis with dual power supplies

    1604 4 slot desktop chassis


    94200-055 2085 power supply for 1681C chassis

    94200-026 2082 power supply for 1680 chassis


    4840-PX 4800 bps Bell 208A/B modem (Requires 2 slots)

    2440-PX 2400 bps Bell 201B/C modems (1 slot)

    1244-PX 1200 bps Bell 202S/T modem (1 slot)


    811 Bell 801 rackmount dialer (RS366)

    831 Adapter RS366 to RS232


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