Advanced SNMP and Web-based Modem Management System

    Zypcom advances the state-of-the-art for rackmount modem management systems. The management system is a standards based platform that supports both Win95 and UNIX based SNMP management applications as well as offering modem management via the WWW. Zypcomís new modem management system offers tremendous flexibility in managing dial-up or leased line modem networks.

    The heart of the system is the Z3200E control card for the Z32CH modem chassis. The Z3200E has two embedded servers that allow it to connect to either a SNMP management application or a web browser application. Either method of access (SNMP or web browser) to the Z3200Eís management capabilities is supported on both of the Z3200Eís physical interfaces10Base-T and RS-232 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) port.

    Use the Z3200E's 10Base-T interface to connect to your LAN's hub or switch and access the chassis with your SNMP management application like ZSNMP or HP OpenView. Alternatively, use a web browser like Netscape and access the chassis-home page over your LAN. With the Z3200Eís serial PPP interface, you can connect to a remote comm-serverís PPP port for local access to the Z3200E. Access the local or remote Z3200E via the serial PPP port with your SNMP management application or use your web browser.

    Traditional management across the LAN using your existing PC or UNIX SNMP application software is supported via an embedded SNMP agent in the Z3200E control card. If you do not yet have a SNMP application managing your network, Zypcom offers ZSNMP, a PC based application that we OEM from Castle Rock Computing, which is tailored for the Z3200E control card. ZSNMP runs on a Win95 PC and provides real-time management for all Zypcom modems and any other SNMP device connected to the same LAN as the management PC. ZSNMP is a powerful yet easy-to-use management application.

    Our rackmount modem management system consists of a Z3200E control card and the optional PC based ZSNMP software package. With this network management system you have a standards based solution that will manage all SNMP devices in your Network. Specifically, ZSNMP/Z3200E enables:

    • Point and click GUI-based network management

    • Real-time monitoring and status of modem, chassis or modem groups

    • Management functions: modem configuration, copy configuration, diagnostics, flash firmware, modem busyout, asset control, dialtone monitoring

    • Context sensitive help text

    • Error/Status Reporting: set alarms using any MIB variable (single occurrence or threshold), line/connect status, usage statistics, diagnostics, callerID audit trail, management reports

    • Monitoring modem activity statistics, log history file, pre-programmed management reports and writing custom management reports

    • Auto-discovery of new chassis and modems

    • Telnet and FTP capabilities

    • Local control through front panel LCD

    All Zypcom rackmount modems have built-in network management capabilities. The Z3200E network management controller card is required in each Z32CH chassis in order to interface between the modemsí management features and a management PC. The Z3200Eís embedded SNMP agent can communicate with the SNMP management application over a 10BASE-T ethernet network or the RS-232 PPP port. The Z3200Eís embedded WWW server can communicate with the management PCís web browser over a 10BASE-T ethernet network or the serial PPP port.

    Local Management via Z32CH Ethernet (10Base-T) Port:

    Remote Management via Z32CH PPP Serial Port:


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